Bowery Restaurant against Food Waste

Is there anything more delicious, more wonderful than a hotel breakfast buffet when you wake up? Exotic fruits, waffles, crispy bacon, bakery items, croissants, scrambled eggs, sausages and even more… Usually the leftover food from the buffet is thrown away, however at Bowery Restaurant we fight this food waste with the #1 anti-food waste app.

So who or what is this anti-food waste app; it is called Too Good To Go. This free app allows customers to purchase surplus or unsold food from top eateries at the end of service, to prevent it from thrown away. This means you get amazing food for a nice price while also helping the environment. By preventing that food from going to the landfill, you are reducing the amount of CO2 generated as it decomposes. So, what is the point of tossing perfectly fine food away?

Bowery Restaurant joined Too Good To Go since 2019, to reduce the food waste from the breakfast buffet. Customers can order a so-called ‘Magic Box’ via the Too Good To Go app for only €4, 99. They can fill this box themselves with the fresh surplus eateries from the morning buffet that would end up in the bin. Think of scrambled eggs, pancakes, chocolate breads, yoghurt and more. Customers can collect the box at the restaurant at a pre-set time.     

A word from the Assistant F&B Manager of Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: “Our customers come mainly from the surrounded companies; since we are located at the airport we have lots of offices around us. They buy a box to eat during lunch or just a nice snack for the whole team’’. Daily, Bowery Restaurant offers five Magic Boxes and this has already saved 597 meals for the year of 2021 and 1.49 tons of CO2e. Bowery Restaurant will keep participating in this movement to fight food waste as a contribution to save the planet.

So if you are in the neighborhood? All that is left to do is, download the Too Good To Go app, order your Magic Box from Bowery Restaurant, collect and enjoy!

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