Bowery Food Market

The opening of our Bowery restaurant, which is already more than two years ago, was a big adventure. With all experience we brought on as a team, it was still a big jump without a safety net. With ups and downs we managed to take the first steps with an enormous drive to make it great!

Last year I felt blessed to join this team, I was proud and full of ambition to start as Assistant Restaurant Manager in Bowery in April. The vision of Bowery is to be more than just a restaurant for our hotel guests, we also want to be the place to be for the Schiphol community, they should feel welcome and at home with us. Integrated in this vision has been the importance of working with local products with excellent quality supplied by our local suppliers. Only those suppliers, who have that same image and focus, have been selected to supply for us. To us a supplier is more than just that, we believe in maintaining good relations and the first two years wouldn’t have been such a success without the great support of our suppliers.

When we were thinking about the next step, it had to be something special, cool, amazing and in line with our vision. Something to showcase our suppliers, their great products and at the same time show our guests the true Bowery experience. We decided to host a Bowery food market which we hosted last October together with a selection of our suppliers. They work hard on a daily basis to look for high quality and are specialized in their products. Imagine our fish supplier, who filets his fish in front of you and in the meantime tells you about sustainable fishing. Our meat supplier, who brought half a cow to show all the different parts one can work with and cutting these out right in front of you. Our baker going the extra mile with our Bowery bread and our dim sum supplier was folding them right in front of you from our Asian kitchen. Moving ahead, you would find our cheese supplier offering beautiful local cheeses and showed them full of passion to all the guests. In an interactive way we brought forward the heritage of our products and suppliers while our guests experienced an amazing journey throughout our menu. This was so much fun for all guests and for us as well.

Both us and our suppliers are very enthusiastic about the Bowery food market. The question is not whether, but when we will organize this great event again. A big shout out to all the suppliers, who helped realizing this event and who are already asking when we can do it again.

Did you miss our first Bowery food market in October? Mark your calendars for May 24th as this will be the day we will host our second Bowery food market and it will be epic!

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