Healthy inspiration

We have arrived in a new year, a year in which we will again renew our menu multiple times. We went on an inspirational trip to the ‘Westland’ where many local growers have their lands. We visited Koppert Cress to brainstorm with them about health, the use of vegetables and the effects of cress.

During our visit we had a workshop about the usage of cress, a tour through the tasting garden of Koppert Cress and we looked in to the usage of flavors, unhealthy add-ons and healthy alternatives. During the day the main topic was to use vegetables in different ways and to have possibilities like creating flavors through vegetables and cress. At the end of the day we were very inspired and brought this inspiration back to work.

Now the new menu is in full preparation, I am constantly looking for inspiration. For me this doesn’t end with looking for inspiration, I believe an important part is to give inspiration to my team. I encourage them to look beyond what we know, to continue learning and to think out of the box. This month we launched a master class within our kitchen team in which we inspire and share knowledge each other with different subjects like the preparation of sauces or asparagus. During the next master class I will teach my team to fillet a lamb. These sessions are fun learning experiences and well received by the team.

Speaking of lamb, spring is right around the corner! One of my favorite season changes is from winter to spring, due to the large number of seasonal products coming up during springtime. For me this is the perfect moment to change menu’s which will start the 15th of March. One week before my butcher will start with butchering the lamb which is perfect timing for our spring menu. We have been busy with this menu for quite a while, trying nice combinations with a beautiful piece of lamb. Fresh exciting spring flavors are leading in the menu with seasonal vegetables like asparagus.

I can’t wait to present the new menu to you. Until that moment we’ll be busy developing, combining and tasting to be completely ready on March 15th.

I hope to see you then!


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