Different season, different wines!

The last couple months I’ve been working on putting together our new wine menu and everything that comes with that. As the menu changes with the seasons, I do this with the wines as well. We say goodbye to the summer weather after a warm October month and welcome the fall in all its glory. Time to trade in the light summer wines for full bodied warmer wines!

First stop, the kitchen! I had to find out which flavors would change, new ones added and which way we were heading with the new menu. Which specific ingredients will be featured on the fall menu? When the autumn starts and the first leaves fall of the trees, the meals get richer. This makes me think of the rich flavors such as mushrooms, truffle, parsnip and winter herbs and spices.
In the meantime the guys in the kitchen were working hard on discovering new flavors and creating exciting new dishes, and so my job to add great wines starts!

After that it’s time for tasting, smelling, thinking and more tasting. Match flavors to ingredients and build a wide selection of wines to offer our guests the best from all over the world. The wine menu definitely features beautiful wines from the classic regions, but also some very surprising, unknown but amazing ones. By working closely together with our suppliers, who by now knows my preferences, I am able to complete our selection by having them import some exclusive wines to the Netherlands for our wine menu.


In this menu we feature a wide selection of classic wines from France. Think of Pouilly Fuisse, Saint Veran, Aloxe- Corton and Chateau Neuf-dû-Pape. I also really got to make this wine menu my very own, by adding some less known personal favorites. Think of South Africa’s signature wine named Pinotage, some crystal clear Rieslings, Inzolia, Garnacha’s and deliciously juicy Barbera wines.
In short, this wine menu stands out for its wide selection of flavors. Our guests travel from all over the world and our wine menu represents that

I look forward to welcome our guests in Bowery and to share my passion for wines. Whether you’re a starting wine drinker or an experienced wine enthusiast, I believe I have a great wine for an affordable price to meet all needs.

Steven Rotscheid
Bowery Restaurant

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