Starting fresh with a year of experience

After the holiday season, it is time for a fresh start. Time to focus on new opportunities, fine tuning details and continuing with new developments. One of these developments is the new menu which is planned to be ready in March for the spring season. This is an exciting time as everyone gets to dig in to our creative talents. The kitchen team is trying out new ingredients, combinations and recipes to present to the chef. In addition to this, the service team pairs the new creations with various wines, beers and spirits to support the spring menu’s flavors.

Both the cooks and waiters get truly happy and energized from exciting dishes and beautiful presentation. Challenging each other, every member of the team is looking to prove themselves and get one of their dishes featured on the new menu. It is a true privilege to have the opportunity to select and work with the finest ingredients and turn these into surprising and astonishing combinations. The next month will be a rollercoaster of flavors (and emotions) in the team while the chef selects which dishes will be featured on our spring menu.

Another change made is we are expanding our offer of wines by the glass. Recently some members of our team have participated in a training to expand their knowledge of wine, which they passed with merit. Combining this with the existing knowledge in our team, we feel confident to bring you some hidden gems by the glass to complement our selection. Every week we will feature a wine of the week and the team will be able to advice you with wines to match your dish and taste. This promises to be exciting wine times as some great wines are on their way to make it into our cellars.

Besides looking forward, we also look back. It is good to reflect once in a while and after an opening year like we had, I would say it’s a must! With many great moments and memories of the past year there is plenty to learn from and to take with us into 2017. We have a fresh start with exciting new opportunities ahead, but are lucky to have a year of experience in our ‘backpack’. One thing is clear to everybody: we can do even more, we can do even better! And we are ready for 2017!

I look forward to the upcoming year with new opportunities and exciting dishes and wines. Most of all, I look forward to welcoming you back at Bowery for a great lunch or dinner experience.

Rick Bakker
Restaurant manager

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